Welcome to the magical website of NonnyArt!

I am a Welsh artist and diverse crafter of many things.

Inspired by faerie folk, nature and the universe in general with a special interest in oddities and repurposing.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my arts and crafts.

Rhianon Sian of NonnyArt


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About the artist...

I have been a creator and maker of a diverse range of arts and crafts since I was a baby bat and now I would like to share them with you.

I love nature and it inspires me in almost all of my creations and art work.


I was brought up with the faeries, they did deals with me for my teeth and various other things as a child. They often came to talk with my mother in the kitchen. If my brother and I were very good and quiet for an hour in the room next door, they would leave chocolate for us and magic the milk green, blue or pink!!


Some people say that I'm often away with the faeries even now and it's completely true! I hope you enjoy the art of the faerie folk who visit my dreams.


My other inspirations include my family, pets and partner who are just the best . 

Abifae BW NA2018.jpg
Stella Shroomella NA2018.jpg
Scry faerie NA2018.jpg